On dreams as information processing helps facilitate

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Unformatted text preview: ntent Other Theories on Dreams *As Information Processing *helps facilitate memories *As a Physiological Function *periodic brain stimulation *REM Rebound *REM sleep increases following REM sleep deprivation Sleep Across the Lifespan Hypnosis *Hypnosis *a social interaction in which one person (the hypnotist) suggests to another (the subject) that certain perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors will (the spontaneously occur spontaneously Hypnosis *Posthypnotic Amnesia *supposed inability to recall what one experienced during hypnosis *induced by the hypnotist’s suggestion Will hypnosis work on anyone? *Hypnotists engage people’s ability to focus on certain behaviors or images, the more open the subject is to suggestion the easier the hypnosis will be more *Some people are more hypnotically susceptible than others, these people generally have rich fantasy lives and are easily absorbed into books or movies generally Can hypnosis help you remember the...
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