Recurring sleep stage recurring vivid dreams

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Unformatted text preview: *recurring sleep stage recurring *vivid dreams *“paradoxical sleep” “paradoxical *muscles are generally relaxed, but other body systems are active Stages of Sleep *Upon reaching stage 4 and after about 80 to 100 minutes of total sleep time, sleep lightens, returns through stages 3 and 2 sleep States of Consciousness States What is Consciousness? *REM sleep emerges, characterized by EEG patterns that resemble beta waves of alert wakefulness of *muscles most relaxed *rapid eye movements occur *dreams occur *Four or five sleep cycles occur in a typical night’s sleep - less time is spent in slow-wave, more is spent in REM slow-wave, Stages in a Typical Night’s Sleep Stages in a Typical Night’s Sleep Functions of Sleep *Restoration theory Restoration *body wears out during the day and sleep is necessary to put it back in shape *Preservation and protection theory Preservation *sleep emerged in evolution to preserve energy during the time of day when there is little value and considerable danger there Sleep Deprivation *Effects of Sleep Loss *fatigue *impaired concentration *depressed immune system *greater vulnerability to accidents Sleep Deprivation Sleep Debt Score Sleep Disorders *Insomnia *persistent problems in falling or staying asleep *Narcolepsy *uncontrollable sleep attacks; overpoweri...
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