Energiesfocusondistincterogenouszones oedipuscomplex

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Unformatted text preview: the reality principle, satisfying the id’s desires in ways that will realistically bring pleasure rather than pain Psychoanalytic Approach Personality Development *Psychosexual Stages *the childhood stages of development during which the id’s pleasure­seeking energies focus on distinct erogenous zones *Oedipus Complex *a boy’s sexual desires toward his mother and feelings of jealousy and hatred for the rival father Personality Development *Identification *the process by which children incorporate their parents’ values into their developing superegos *Fixation *an attempt to achieve pleasure as an adult in ways that are equivalent to how it way achieved in these stages Oral Stage (birth ­ 1 year) *Mouth is associated with sexual pleasure *Weaning a child can lead to fixation if not handled correctly *Fixation can lead to oral activities in adulthood Anal Stage (1 ­ 3 years) *Anus is associated with pleasure *Toilet training can lead to fixation if not handled correctly *Fixation can lead to anal retentive or expulsive behaviors in adulthood Phallic Stage (3 ­ 5 years) *Focus of pleasure shifts to the genitals *Oedipus or Electra complex can occur *Fixation can lead to excessive masculinity in males and the need for attention or domination in females Latency Stage (5 ­ puberty) *Sexuality is repressed *Children participate in hobbies, school and same­sex friendships Genital Stage (puberty on) *Sexual feelings re­emerge and are oriented toward others *Healthy adults find pleasure in love and work, fixated adults have their energy tied up in earlier stages Personality Development Defense Mechanisms *Defense Mechanisms *the ego’s protective methods of reducing anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality *Repression *the basic defense mechanism that banishes anxiety­aro...
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