Attitudes - Attitudes Obedience Social Psychology*Our...

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Social Psychology *Our behavior is affected by our inner attitudes as well as by external social influences Attitudes *What is an attitude? –Belief and feeling that predisposes one to respond in a particular way to objects, people and events *can be negative or positive Social Thinking *Attitudes follow behavior *Cooperative actions feed mutual liking Attitudes *Cognitive dissonance theory –Festinger *we we need our attitudes to be consistent with our behavior *it is uncomfortable for us when they aren’t *we seek ways to decrease discomfort caused by inconsistency example- when we become aware that our attitudes and our actions clash, we can reduce the resulting dissonance by changing our attitudes Cognitive Dissonance Sales techniques and cognitive dissonance *Four-walls technique *Question customer in such a way that gets answers consistent with the idea that they need to own object *Feeling of cognitive dissonance results if person chooses not to buy this thing that they “need” Foot-in-the-door technique •Tendency for people who have first agreed to a small request to comply later with a larger request –small request has paved the way to compliance with the larger request *cognitive dissonance results if person has already granted a
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request for one thing, then refuses to give the larger item The Reciprocity Norm and Compliance
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Attitudes - Attitudes Obedience Social Psychology*Our...

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