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Research Paper Assignment Psychology 4: Child Devlopment Fall, 2010 The goals for this assignment are for you to: (1) learn more about an area of child development that interests you; (2) practice researching topics using on-line and other library resources; (3) begin to distinguish between types of sources; (4) learn and use APA format; (5) read an article published in a scientific journal and (6) develop your paper-writing skills. The assignment is due in several steps. 1) Your topic is due on Thursday 9/2 (note: this is different from what is listed in the syllabus). It won’t be written in stone, but I want you to spend some time thinking about it. You can choose any topic that relates to child development. Since this is a relatively short paper, you probably want to keep your topic fairly focused. Here are a few examples. a. How can school violence be prevented? b. What are the causes of autism?
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