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Phys dev adol - methods Emergency methods 3 Anorexia...

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1 Physical Development in Adolescence Chapter 13 Topics Puberty Brain dev’t Sex – STDs – Pregnancy – Sexual violence Substance use and abuse Nutrition – Eating disorders Causes of death – Injuries (48%) – Homicide (13%) – Suicide (11%) Sexual Behavior • 12th grade – 65% of girls and 60% of boys have had intercourse • Predictors – Supervision – Perceptions of teen beh – Economics STDs • 19 million STD infections – Almost half are teens – 25% of sexually active pop • Teens are about 14% of people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS • Chlamydia • Gonorrhea • HPV
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2 Preventing STDs • Abstinence • HPV vaccine • Dental dams • Condoms, condoms, condoms Pregnancy • Rates have gone down, but… – Going back up – Higher than similar countries – Varies by ethnicity Preventing pregnancy • Abstinence • Contraception – Hormonal methods – Non-hormonal
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Unformatted text preview: methods Emergency methods 3 Anorexia nervosa Symptoms Low body weight (<85% of normal) Fear of gaining weight or being fat Body image disturbances Amenorrhea Consequences High rate of mortality (20%) Effects of malnutrition Bulimia nervosa Symptoms Binge eating Feeling of no control Compensating for binge Occurs with regularity (2x per week) Disturbance in body image Consequences Imbalance of acid/ base Can result in convulsions or coma Teeth problems Lung aspiration Ipecac misuse: muscle atrophy, including heart muscle Laxative misuse: Low potassium, dehydration, normal bowel functioning Suicide Depression Gender Heritability Lack of treatment Suicide Rates Gender...
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Phys dev adol - methods Emergency methods 3 Anorexia...

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