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Psy 1a fall10 - 1 Introduction to Psychology Psych 1a Fall...

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1 Introduction to Psychology Psych 1a Fall 2010 Tuesday 6-9pm Dr. Rita Butterfield Stev 1002 Phone : 707-664-2453 Office hours: Tuesday 9-10 and 4:30-5:30 [email protected] Office: Emeritus 1689 Course description This course provides an introduction to the scientific study of human behavior and a survey of information and theory. The course covers such topics as the brain and behavior, learning, memory, motivation, psychological development, relationships, personality, abnormal behavior and psychotherapy. Textbook : Psychology Around Us, Comer and Gould, 2011. John Wiley and Sons (publisher). The package you need to purchase includes the text and an access code for WileyPlus. The access code comes free when purchased with a new copy of the textbook at the SRJC bookstore. To register for this class’s Wiley Plus web site, go to . If you want to save money and are comfortable with electronic text books, you can purchase access to WileyPlus separately at ; it comes with access to the entire text on-line. Other equipment: You will need an iclicker for this course. Iclickers can be purchased at the College Bookstore. We will use the iclickers frequently and you will need to bring it everyday. We will use them in a number of ways: for in-class exercises, to review material, to check for understanding, and for surveys. If you don't have your iclicker, you will not be able to participate in that day's activities. I recommend carrying extra batteries in your backpack, just in case. You will need to register your iclicker. Go to . From there, it is fairly obvious what you need to do. For your student id enter the last four digits of your SRJC student id number. Never ask a fellow student to use your iclicker when you cannot be in class. Always say, “No,” if another student asks you to click for him or her. If a student is caught using two (or more) iclickers, the iclickers will be confiscated for the duration of the semester and both students will be given a 0 for EVERY in-class exercise. There will be no exceptions-- even if you are using the iclicker in another class. Course objectives This course is designed to present an overview of psychology, including the major theories, research methods, major findings and their implications. The course will also examine the practical implications of psychology, including reflecting on personal experience and broader social issues. A related and important goal is to hone critical thinking skills by engaging and evaluating the concepts, theories, perspectives and research findings in psychology. A third important goal is the development of research and writing skills that will be useful throughout your academic career.
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2 Methods of Instruction The main teaching methods used in this course are lecture and discussion. I appreciate an
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Psy 1a fall10 - 1 Introduction to Psychology Psych 1a Fall...

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