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Psy 1a HW - 2 Use one-inch margins 3 Use 12-point font preferably Palatino Times or Helvetica That is it should be something that is easy to read 4

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Instructions for all Homework Assignments Homework is due at the beginning of class on the day that it is due (6pm). Please put it on my desk as you enter the classroom. Alternatively, you can send it to me as an attachment. I cannot open files saved in .wps or pages, so if you use those programs, please save it as a text document or a pdf. Do not type your homework assignment into an email. Whether you give me a hard copy or send it to me as an attachment, please follow these instructions. 1) In the top right-hand corner include your name, the class time, and the date.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Use one-inch margins. 3) Use 12-point font, preferably Palatino, Times, or Helvetica. That is, it should be something that is easy to read. 4) Double space. Indent the first line of a new paragraph. 5) If you send it to me as an attachment, save the file with your name and the assignment number. So, if you name is Jennifer Jones, homework one should be sent to me as JJones1.doc. These instructions are designed to make my life easier. Please follow them!...
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