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Intro clicker questions 1

Intro clicker questions 1 - Q 1 C lic k e r Q u e s t io n...

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1 Clicker Questions Not for points Q1: Many studies have found a positive relationship between reading to toddlers and their eventual ability to learn to read when they begin formal schooling.Which goal of psychology is represented in this situation? Q2: Which of the following is a component of behaviorism? Q3: I believe that all behavior is motivated by unconscious forces. What perspective do I probably take?
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2 Q4: Bob thinks that an alcoholic can’t help himself. John thinks that an alcoholic can make a choice not to drink. Which issue are Bob and John debating? a) Nature v. nurture b) Free will v. determinism c) Unconscious v. conscious determinants of behavior d) Observable behavior v. internal processes
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