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Homework 2 Fall 2010

Homework 2 Fall 2010 - Homework Assignment#2 States of...

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Homework Assignment #2: States of Consciousness Your assignment is to answer one of the questions below in a paper that contains no fewer than 500 words (approximately two pages). You will need to do some research to answer these questions and the research will account for approximately 1/4 of your grade. Therefore, you will want to use reputable sources. What is a reputable source? A reputable source is one that contains information from experts who are not trying to promote a product or a particular point of view. Newspapers, some magazines, some TV shows, some radio shows, journal articles, and books generally meet the criterion. I’ve provided some examples of reputable sources at the bottom of the page. Some pointers To avoid plagiarism, you need to provide a citation for each and every statement that isn't your own original idea or isn't common knowledge. Here is a link to some information on avoiding plagiarism.
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