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Introduction to Psychology Fall 2010 Extra Credit Assignment Dr. Michael Britt produces a podcast called, “The Psych Files.” The episodes cover a wide variety of topics—you may find it a useful tool in this class or in other psychology courses you take in the future. For extra credit, I’d like you to watch episode #114. Here is a link http://www.thepsychfiles.com2010/01/episode-114-video-finding-little-albert/ After watching it, write an essay that summarizes what you learned and your reactions to it. Be sure to use your own words! As always, good papers have an introduction that
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Unformatted text preview: entices the reader and provides a thesis statement; a body that contains the information you want to include; and a conclusion that ties things up. This extra credit assignment is worth 15 points. SSU students should submit it via Web-CT no later than 11:00am on October 20. SRJC students should either bring it to class on October 19 or send it to me via email before class on Oct. 19. Since this is extra credit, late assignments will not be accepted. Grading rubric: Introduction 4 pts. Body 5 pts. Conclusion 4 pts. Spelling/ grammar 2 pts...
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