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Introduction to Psychology Homework #3 Learning Part 1: Classical Conditioning For each of the following situations, identify the neutral stimulus (NS), the unconditioned stimulus (UCS), the conditioned stimulus (CS), the unconditioned response (UCR) and the conditioned response (CR). 1) Dog obedience classes suggest that the following procedure will train a dog to stop barking. When the dog starts to bark, squirt water (from a water bottle) in its face. Right before you squirt say, “Don’t bark!” The dog startles because of the water and stops barking. 2) Ann is in love and every kiss or hug from her sweetheart Joe makes her heart beat faster and fills her with positive emotion. Joe has shipped out to Iraq. Anne misses him terribly, but inhaling his scent from the jacket he left behind makes her heart beat faster and she feels better. 3) People tend to associate a lot of good qualities with attractive people. Advertisers often use attractive people in their ads. (Note: This one is hard. Think about what response advertisers are
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