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Introduction to Psychology Homework #5: Emotions Fall 2010 TED.com is a website that offers videos of the talks from the TED conferences for free. Over the past couple of years, there have been several talks that focus on happiness, love, depression, flow, and positive psychology. Choose one of these talks (I’ve listed them below) and write a reaction paper. Some talks are about 4 minutes and others are about 20 minutes; I want you to choose a 20-minute talk. Reaction papers are meant to encourage you to think critically about something that you have read, seen, or heard. They are not just summaries of the material—though that is part of it—they also contain your thoughts and feeling (i.e., reaction) to what you’ve read, seen, or heard. You will need to include a little bit about the talk in order to support what you say. However, the summary is definitely NOT the main point. It’s best if you can weave together the parts of the talk you want to summarize with your reaction, rather than having two parts. In terms of your reaction, it doesn’t have to be just feelings; in fact, it shouldn’t be. Remember, the
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