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Introduction to Psychology Fall 2010 Homework #4: Personality Compare Freud’s theory of personality to one of the neo-Freudians. Your paper should be no fewer than 750 words. You should provide an overview of the neo-Freudian you choose, including a little bit about that person’s life and career. The focus, though, should be on the ways that this theorist altered Freud’s theory. What parts of the theory did this person keep and what did he or she change? Why do you think this person made those particular changes? What do you think of these changes? There are many neo-Freudians; there is a list on wikipedia . You may use wikipedia as a source, but it should certainly not be your primary source. There are many books, articles, and web sites dedicated to psychoanalytic theory, so you should not have any trouble finding sources. Like any paper that involves research, your paper should have references throughout. It is also very important to provide a reference page. Ideally, you should use APA format, but as long as you provide
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