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Introduction to Psychology Disorders Homework For this assignment you should watch a movie from the popular media that has a character who either has or may have a psychological disorder. After watching the movie, write an essay (2-3 pages) that explains the disorder (what the symptoms are, what the suspected causes are, and how it is treated). Use the character from the film as an example to demonstrate your points. For example, if you watch As Good as It Gets , you would write about obsessive-compulsive disorder is (you may want to look to the National Institute of Mental Health website to get some information www.nimh.gov). You can also use your text book as a reference. Be cautious if you choose a movie that has a client-therapist relationship. Often these relationships are not portrayed well in Hollywood movies. For example, in Prince of Tides the therapist has an affair with her patient’s brother, a man she is kind of treating, as well. VERY BAD!! And, the Billy Crystal character in
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