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Intro EC review

Intro EC review - memory Question 4 Chp 9,12(worth 3 points...

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Introduction to Psychology Extra Credit Study Guide Worth: 18 points Question 1: Chp:1,2,3 (worth 3 points) Choose at least three views of psychology (structuralism, functionalism, gestalt, psychonalysis, behavorism, humanisitic, cognitive, and biological/neuroscience) and explain how each views human development. Question 2: Chp 4,6 (worth 3 points) Explain what happens in the brain when asleep (both REM and NREM sleep) and under the influence of two different drugs. Question 3: Chp 7,8 9 (worth 3 points) Explain how someone could use classical and operant conditioning to improve their
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Unformatted text preview: memory. Question 4: Chp 9,12 (worth 3 points) Explain what happens during a conversation in terms of language production, comprehension, and interpretation of emotions. Question 5: Chp 13, 14 (worth 3 points) Describe how a personality disorder might affect the social relationships of the person with the disorder. Question 6: Chp 15,16 (worth 3 points) What is stress? How might therapy help? Be specific and identify the therapeutic method you are thinking of....
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