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Notes 11 – Dynamics of cytoskeletal structures B&B, Small part of Chapter 2. Growth dynamics from Boal. Numerical treatment of growing/shrinking fibers Simplest process, defining: n = length of filament, in numbers of units [M] = concentration of monomer, at the moment unaffected by GTP/ATP/other factors [ ] off on k M k dt dn - + = One factor is dependent on monomer concentration, the other is not. This does lead to an interesting behavior, the critical concentration: [ ] on off C k k M = below which, the filament shrinks, and above which, the filament grows. Very cool, suggesting that local concentration may be one way of controlling filament assembly. More complexity, GTP/ATP manipulations: We commented on the role of ATP/ADP and GTP/GDP in modulating monomer affinity, and also noted on the polarity of the various structures. This leads to a more complex, and interesting, model of filament assembly. What does this imply? Look at growth and disassembly at each end, as function of GTP form
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12_-_Cell_cytoskeleton - BMEN E4001x Quantitative...

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