QUIZ (3) SEC – G 3

QUIZ (3) SEC – G 3 - block (E) and passes...

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FACULTY OF ENGINEERING SPECIALIZED SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMS LECTURERS : PROF. DR. FAROUK ELBARKI –DR. SAAD ALSAFI ALL DEPARTMENTS COURSE : MECHANICS 2 (DYNAMICS) COURSE NO. : MP104 SPRING 2008 2 ND .SEMESTER QUIZ (3) / SEC – G 3 NAME: SEC: PROG NO: GROUP: ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION : A 10-kg block (C) moves along a smooth inclined plane and is subjected to a compressing variable force P . The block (C) is attached to a rope which connects another 2- kg
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Unformatted text preview: block (E) and passes along a smooth fixed pulley (D) .The block (C) starts from point A. where x A = 20 m , to move upwards with initial velocity v A = 45 m / s . If the acceleration of the block (E) is varying according to the relation : a = 6( t - 4 ) m / s 2 , determine the force P as a function of the time (t) and the position and the velocity of the block (C) at t = 4 s. D y x o 30 A x C P α E O 3 4 tan = a = 6( t - 4 )...
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QUIZ (3) SEC – G 3 - block (E) and passes...

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