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FACULTY OF ENGINEERING SPECIALIZED SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMS LECTURERS : PROF. DR. FAROUK ELBARKI –DR. SAAD ALSAFI ALL DEPARTMENTS COURSE : MECHANICS 2 (DYNAMICS) COURSE NO. : MP104 SPRING 2008 2 ND .SEMESTER QUIZ ( 5 ) / GROUP 4 NAME: SEC: PROG NO: GROUP: ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION : A fireman is fighting , from A, the fire at facing building at point B . 1. Determine the minimum firing speed ( u ) of the water at A necessary to reach to point C
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Using the minimum firing speed , determine the corresponding firing angle α for the water to reach the point C and the time of flight of the water in this case. 3. Using the minimum firing speed , and if h = 10 m , what are the possible values of the firing angles necessary to the water to reach to the point D ? D h x A C B y u 15 m 20 m...
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