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assign8 - shouldn’t count the bike but should return to...

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Electrical and Computer Engineering 19/10/2010 1 EECE256 Assignment 8 1. Construct a block diagram and ASMD chart for a digital system which counts bikes going in each direction. Two air pressure based sensors are placed side by side, and the corresponding signals, L-Sensor and R-Sensor, transition from 0 to 1 when a bike goes past. A bike going left will first cause an L signal, then an R, while a bike going right will cause an R followed by an L. If the first signal isn’t followed by the expected second signal then it
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Unformatted text preview: shouldn’t count the bike, but should return to the reset state. Datapath consists of two counters, one for each direction, which receive a count signal generated by your controller. Assume that only one bike will ride over the sensor at a time. 2. Draw the ASM chart for the following state diagram. Write and verify the equivalent verilog model. 3. Design the binary multiplier controller shown below using multiplexors, a decoder, and a register. 4. Questions 8.7 (without HDL), 8.9, 8.16, 8.30, 8.31...
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