EECE 256 Assignment - EECE256Assignment2 1 Simplify the following Boolean functions using 3-variable maps a F(x,y,z =(0,2,6,7 b F(A,B,C =(0,2,3,4,6

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Electrical and Computer Engineering 23/08/2010 1 EECE 256 Assignment 2 1. Simplify the following Boolean functions, using 3-variable maps: a. F (x,y,z) = Σ (0,2,6,7) b. F(A,B,C) = Σ (0,2,3,4,6) 2. Simplify the following Boolean functions, using 4-variable maps: a. w’z + xz + x’y + wx’z b. wxy + yz + xy’z + x’y 3. Simplify the following Boolean function F, together with the don’t-care conditions d, and then express the simplified function in sum of minterms: a. F(x,y,z) = Σ (0,1,2,4,5), d (x,y,z) = Σ (3,6,7) b. F(A,B,C,D) = Σ (1,3,5,7,9,15), d (A,B,C,D) = Σ (4,6,12,13) 4. Given the Boolean function F = xy’z + x’y’z + xyz a. List the truth table b. Draw the logic diagram of the original function using 2-input gates
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