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Will Bauer 2 nd Period 1/11/08 More Hiring and Advertising Ahead for Paul Campaign as the Donations Pour In By Julie Bosman December 18, 2007 NY Times Synopsis : Who : Ron Paul. He is a not very well known candidate for the presidency of the United States. He has been at the bottom of the polls because very few pay attention to his grass-roots libertarian messages. What : Many underestimate what he values and find his ideals as weak and different. He has not had very much support, but it wasn’t until recently that he had record breaking numbers in raising money for his campaign. Where : His support is derived mainly from online activists who set up an Internet campaign. When : Recently, his campaign has raised over 6 million dollars in one day, setting the record for most raised in one day (December 16, 2007). How : He plans to expand his staff with the new money. Though he is in the lower percentage of the national polls, he still has a chance as the republican primary if the donations keep coming. Background
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