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Why, in particular, do you wish to attend Bates? As I listened to Bates Multicultural Representative Marylyn Scott talk about the intensive academics, active student lifestyle, and wide cultural diversity of Bates College, I was instantly intrigued. The reason I wish to attend Bates College is because it fits my academic and social desires. I was excited to find out that Bates College does not just have lectures and tests as a way of enhancing the learning experience, rather teachers allow the students to do research and activities within themselves to learn. Also, I was interested in finding that a majority of the students go abroad. Studying abroad is something that I have planned on ever since I learned about programs abroad in middle school. In addition, I attend a high school where 30 to 35 kids in a class is considered normal, and this has made it difficult for me to have 1 on 1 time with my teachers. Bates College has a 10-1 student to teacher ratio that would be perfect for my study habits. Not only did Bates College’s superior academics attract me, but I also enjoying
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