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Students consider many different factors when applying to college. Briefly discuss who or what influenced your decision to apply to Boston University: There are two main characteristics that I look for in a college. First, I look for a broad range of research-related majors. If the academics are a match, the next important factor is student life. I decided to apply to Boston University because I love research and having a broad range of topics to explore. I found that Boston University is renowned for its research and wide range of majors– so it is a great match for me. As I searched through Boston University’s top majors, I found the Astronomy Department. Recently, I enrolled in an astronomy class at my local community college because my school did not offer astronomy as a course. I learned the basics of cosmology: something that has interested me all my life. The astronomy department at Boston University seems like a
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Unformatted text preview: perfect opportunity to expand my studies on the topics of astronomy and cosmology. Since the academics at Boston University were appealing, I decided to observe the student life at Boston University. Earlier this year I found that I am interested in a large school in an urban location with many extra-curricular activities. After some research through countless college review guides, I found that the campus life at Boston University is also fitting for my personality. I found that the student’s at Boston University are very active and have a sport-oriented lifestyle. I’m interested in playing club sports in college, specifically Ultimate Frisbee and golf. In summary, with it’s unique academic and social environment, I am very excited about the possibility of attending Boston University and feel it would offer me the best opportunity to excel both academically and socially....
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