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As I looked through the Colby admissions guide I was instantly intrigued to find out about Colby’s intensive academics and active student lifestyle. The reason I wish to attend Colby is because of the unique academic and social environment. I was excited to find that Colby’s academics are primarily research and project-based learning. I was also interested in finding that a majority of the students go abroad. Studying abroad is something that I have planned on ever since I lived in France for a year during middle school. Not only did Colby’s superior academics attract me, but I also enjoyed learning about the student’s activities. While doing research about Colby, I discovered that I enjoy a number of outdoors hobbies similar to many Colby students, including helping the environment. In summary, with it’s unique academic and social environment, I am very excited about the possibility of attending Colby College and feel it would offer me the best opportunity to excel both academically and personally. “Will, I have been looking into this program called NOLS, supposedly it is a fun
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