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Pitzer’s educational objectives (intercultural understanding, social responsibility, interdisciplinary emphasis and student autonomy regarding breadth of knowledge courses) create a distinctive educational experience and community of learners. Please tell us why these objectives are a good match for you: High school diversity - taught me the different cultures - how to understand differences in people Independent - all life I have been very independent - I work out my problems, without depending on others - Take responsibility on my own Working alone - take school work seriously - put it in front of other activities Pitzer’s educational objectives prove a great match for me because they are very similar
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Unformatted text preview: to the way I have viewed education all my life. I attend a very diverse high school, giving me a general background on how to understand different cultures. My high school has allowed me to understand other cultures, as well as my own. We have had an “International Day” where the whole school gets involved in fun activities focused on the differences in cultures at our school. Also, I am very independent when it comes to academics. I work out my problems without depending on others and take responsibility for studies when needed. Along with being independent I take school work very seriously, putting academics as a high priority. ....
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