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Pitzer supplement1

Pitzer supplement1 - Also I am very independent when it...

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Pitzer College’s educational objectives are very similar to the way I have experienced learning most of my life. I attend a culturally diverse high school, which has provided me with broad understanding and appreciation of different cultures. My high school has allowed me to understand other cultures, as well as my own. For example, we have had an “International Day” where the school gets involved in fun activities focused on the differences in cultures at our school. I have learned that understanding the differences in cultures is very important for the learning experience.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, I am very independent when it comes to academics. Although I enjoy working in groups, I often seek out independent approaches to academic assignments without depending on others. Along with being an independent learner, I take schoolwork very seriously, putting academics as a high priority. I feel that Pitzer’s educational objectives reflect my education in the past. I am very excited about the possibility of attending Colby College and feel it would offer me the best opportunity to excel both academically and personally....
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