Assignment 2 - STA261 Assignment I How dyuh like them...

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STA261 Assignment I due: Wed.Feb.24/10 “How d’yuh like them apples!?” Understanding the relationship between one experimental variable and an- other is often the main objective of a given study. Simply plotting a sample of the joint outcomes for such variables may sometimes reveal an obvious dependence of one on the other — linear, quadratic, or something perhaps altogether fancier. But, to keep things simple, suppose that we have data from two speciFc variables, X and Y , and that we wish to consider the degree to which they may reasonably be understood to generate outcomes that lie along a straight line of the general form y = α + βx : ±or example, it is generally thought that the percentage of apples attacked by worms is greater on trees bearing a smaller crop. Let X = size of crop (measures in baskets-full) and Y = percentage of wormy fruit. X :8 , 6 , 11 , 22 , 14 , 17 , 18 , 24 , 19 , 23 , 26 , 40 Y : 59 , 58 , 56 , 53 , 50 , 45 , 43 , 42 , 39 , 38 , 30 , 27 (1) Plot these data in the x - y plane. Of course, on doing so, one sees im- mediately the tendency of this particular sample of 12 points to fall roughly along a straight line. But the basic ‘roughness’ of it is, in itself,
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Assignment 2 - STA261 Assignment I How dyuh like them...

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