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ISOM221+Lecture+8+-+Data+Modeling+I+Solutions - Exercise#1...

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ISOM221 Information Systems Analysis and Design Lecture 8: Data Modeling I (Solutions of In-Class Exercises) 1 Exercise #1 Draw the cardinalities for the following relationships Student Course takes is taken by Scenario: Course taking and offering in the university Department Course offers is offered by Professor Course teaches is taught by 2 Customer Book buys is bought by reviews Scenario: Book sales on Amazon.com Customer Book is reviewed by Publisher Book publishes is published by 3 Exercise #2 Scenario: A wealthy businessman owns a large number of paintings that he loans to museums all over the world. He wants to set up a system that records what he loans to whom so that he doesn’t lose track of his investments. He would like to keep information about the paintings that he owns as well as the artists who painted them. He also wants to track the various museums that reserve his art, along with the actual reservations.
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  • Spring '09
  • Entity-relationship model, Artist Painting Reservation Museum, Artist Painting Reservation, Reservation Museum, RESERVATION *res_ReservationID res_ReservationDateOut

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