ISOM221+Lecture+9+-+Data+Modeling+II+Solutions - ISOM221...

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Unformatted text preview: ISOM221 Information Systems Analysis and Design Lecture 9: Data Modeling II (Solutions of In-Class Exercises) 1 Exercise #1: Campus Housing System • The Campus Housing Office is designing a housing system to help students find apartments. Owners of apartments fill in information forms about the rental units they have available (e.g., location, number of bedrooms, monthly rent), which are entered into a database. Students who register with the system can search the rental information to find apartments that meet their needs (e.g., a two- bedroom apartment for $800 or less per month within ½ mile of campus). They then contact the apartment owners directly via telephone to arrange a time to see the apartment and possibly rent it. Apartment owners call the service to delete their listing when they have rented their apartments. 2 Matching Apartments Student 1 arch for Search Criteria D1 Apartments Level-0 DFD (see Lecture 7) Updated Apartment Information Search for Apartment Apartment Owner...
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ISOM221+Lecture+9+-+Data+Modeling+II+Solutions - ISOM221...

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