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Unformatted text preview: Exercise #1 ISOM221 Information Systems Analysis and Design Lecture 16: Interaction Diagrams I (Sequence Diagram) (Solutions of in-class exercises) 1 • Create a sequence diagram for the following scenario: • A Real Estate, Inc. (AREI), sells house. Some buyers seek AREI’s advice in finding a house that meets their needs. The buyer first completes a buyer information form and passes it to the agent. The agent then enters buyer information into a buyer database and searches the database for houses that meet the buyer’s needs. The search results are printed and passed to the buyer (assuming results are available in this case). • Hint: Make up reasonable names for the methods 2 Sequence Diagram What are the Actors and Classes? • Actors – Buyer – Agent This is a hardcopy Buyer Agent Buyer House Buyer Information Form • Classes – Buyer – House Insert() Search() Print_Search_ Results() 3 The agent uses the system to print the results, so a method is called up here 4 Exercise #2 • Create a sequence diagram for the use cases of the campus housing system – Refer to slide #3 for the class diagram Sequence Diagram: Search for Apartments (with Matched Results) Student Login() Student Apartment Owner Shortlisting Record Match_Search_Criteria() Read_Contact() Show_Matched_Results() Add() 5 *Note: Match_Search_Criteria() handles the input of search criteria and the matching. 6 Sequence Diagram: Add Apartments Sequence Diagram: Delete Apartments Owner Apartment Shortlisting Record Owner Service Staff Form Request Apartment Owner Owner Service Staff Deletion Request Form Read_Contact() Completed Form [If contact information is correct] Delete() Insert() Insert() [If the deleted apartment has been shortlisted] Update_Status() 7 8 ...
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