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Gans%20Functions%20of%20Poverty%20-%20Topic%2030 - 11...

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1 An Application of Functionalism: Positive Functions of the Undeserving Poor I. Micro-Social Functions 1) Risk Reduction 2) Scapegoating - Displacement II. Economic Functions 3) Reserve Army of Labor 4) Supply Illegal Goods 5) Job Creation I should have stayed in high school.
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2 III. Normative Functions 6) Moral Legitimation 7) Norm Reinforcement 8) Supply Popular Culture Villains IV. Political Functions 9) Institutional Scapegoating 10) Conservative Power Shifting
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Unformatted text preview: 11) Spatial Purification V. Macro-Social Functions 12) Reproduction of Stigma & the Stigmatized 13) Extermination of Surplus 3 Threaded Discussion Questions ± How is poverty intertwined with other social institutions and behaviors? ± Which of the above functions are manifest? Which are latent? ± Which functions would be most difficult to replace if poverty were eliminated? Explain....
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Gans%20Functions%20of%20Poverty%20-%20Topic%2030 - 11...

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