Gans%20Functions%20of%20Poverty%20-%20Topic%2030 - 11)...

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1 An Application of Functionalism: Positive Functions of the Undeserving Poor I. Micro-Social Functions 1) Risk Reduction 2) Scapegoating - Displacement II. Economic Functions 3) Reserve Army of Labor 4) Supply Illegal Goods 5) Job Creation I should have stayed in high school.
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2 III. Normative Functions 6) Moral Legitimation 7) Norm Reinforcement 8) Supply Popular Culture Villains IV. Political Functions 9) Institutional Scapegoating 10) Conservative Power Shifting
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Unformatted text preview: 11) Spatial Purification V. Macro-Social Functions 12) Reproduction of Stigma & the Stigmatized 13) Extermination of Surplus 3 Threaded Discussion Questions How is poverty intertwined with other social institutions and behaviors? Which of the above functions are manifest? Which are latent? Which functions would be most difficult to replace if poverty were eliminated? Explain....
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Gans%20Functions%20of%20Poverty%20-%20Topic%2030 - 11)...

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