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1 An Application of the Interactionist Perspective: Cooling-Out Men in Singles Bars Example of Research Using the Interactionist Perspective ± Three general categories of Cooling-Out: 3) Avoidance Tactics Face-to-Face 1) Refusal - often the polite let-down (no thanks) facilitate disengagement (I am the designated driver) 2) Excuses socially accepted explanation by men (I have to go study) 3) Joking/Humor - “I would hurt you if we danced”
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Unformatted text preview: 1) Studied Seriousness Attentively focus on something else to appear busy/occupied 2) Defensive Incivility Be Rude and/or “Bitchy” 3) Self-Evident Justifications Provide a “self-evident” explanation (ex. Because I don’t want to) Avoidance Tactics 1) Tie Signs signs that you are “attached”: ex. with male friends, ring 2) Nonverbal Cues of Disinterest ex. turn back & dance with somebody else 3) Flight ex. leave bar – “powder nose” and never return!...
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Snow%20%26%20McCall%20Cooling%20Out%20Men%20-%20Topic%205 -...

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