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1 The Uses of Global Poverty: How Economic Inequality Benefits the West Daina Stukulis Eglitis ± Living on the Hill or Below ± ± Gross Inequalities: $31K versus $440 (purchasing power) ± (US versus Sierra Leone) ± Rhetoric of Global Prosperity ± What are the benefits for better-off countries of the world economic system An Extension of Gans The Uses of Global Poverty (11) ± helps ensure the wealth of affordable goods for Western consumers ± benefits Western companies and shareholders in the form of increased profit margins ± fosters access to resources in poor states that are needed or desired by the West ± helps support Western medical advances ± contributes to the advancement of Western economies and societies with the human capital of poor states ± may contribute to the pacification of the Western proletariat, or “Workers of the World, A Blue Light Special”
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2 The Uses of Global Poverty (11) ± Poor countries make optimal dumping grounds for goods that are dangerous, expired or illegal ± Provides jobs for specialists employed to assist, advise, and study the world’s poor and to protect the “better-
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Stukulis%20Global%20Poverty%20-%20Topic%2040 - The Uses of...

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