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Stukulis%20Global%20Poverty%20-%20Topic%2040 - The Uses of...

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1 The Uses of Global Poverty: How Economic Inequality Benefits the West Daina Stukulis Eglitis Living on the Hill or Below Jamaica & Haiti as examples Gross Inequalities: $31K versus $440 (purchasing power) (US versus Sierra Leone) Rhetoric of Global Prosperity What are the benefits for better-off countries of the world economic system An Extension of Gans The Uses of Global Poverty (11) helps ensure the wealth of affordable goods for Western consumers benefits Western companies and shareholders in the form of increased profit margins fosters access to resources in poor states that are needed or desired by the West helps support Western medical advances contributes to the advancement of Western economies and societies with the human capital of poor states may contribute to the pacification of the Western proletariat, or “Workers of the World, A Blue Light Special”
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2 The Uses of Global Poverty (11) Poor countries make optimal dumping grounds for goods that are dangerous, expired or illegal Provides jobs for specialists employed to assist, advise, and study the world’s poor and to protect the “better-
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Stukulis%20Global%20Poverty%20-%20Topic%2040 - The Uses of...

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