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1 The Interactionist Perspective Interactionist Perspective ± Views society as the sum of interactions of individuals & groups. ± Symbols & objects are important elements of this perspective since meaning is constructed. ± Ex: thumbs-up, “wedding” ring Key Concepts ± ± Meaningful Object(s) ± Dramaturgy ± Role Performance ± Studied Non-Observance
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2 Key Concepts ± ± The meaning of symbols is socially defined ± Lack of mutual understanding can lead to ± Symbols can be physical, verbal, or non- verbal (i.e. body language) Key Concepts ± Meaningful Object(s) ± Some artifacts & symbols are designated “meaningful objects” ± Examples of such might include the significance of a wedding band, a religious symbol such as a cross, or a gesture that indicates a sign of Key Concepts
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Topic%204%20-%20Interactionist - The Interactionist...

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