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Tutorial 12 - Explain each of the following observations 1...

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CHM 139F Tutorial 12 Electrochemistry These questions are about electrochemistry. The material is covered in Chapter 18 of McMurray and Fay (Fourth edition) and in Chapter 17 of the Fifth edition. You should try to do the following questions: Fourth edition 18.30, 18.36, 18.37, 18.40, 18.41, 18.52, 18.64, 18.65, 18.90 and 18.91. Fifth edition 17.33, 17.40, 17.41, 17.44, 17.45, 17.56, 17.68, 17.69, 17.96 and 17.97.
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Unformatted text preview: Explain each of the following observations: 1. Calcium cannot be obtained by electrolysis of an aqueous solution of calcium nitrate. 2. Magnesium will liberate hydrogen from boiling water but not from cold water. 3. If an aqueous solution of silver nitrate is electrolysed with silver electrodes the concentra-tion of silver ions in solution does not change during the electrolysis....
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