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Problem Set for Lecture 8:The Big Four on Poverty Reduction Strategies; Sachs, Easterly, Lewis and Collier [November 3, 2009] Note: Questions marked with a T may be used for tutorials and tests. T8.1 “Gregory asks: what are the Millennium Goals and how do they relate to poverty reduction? Further, Gregory asks for a clarification of the definition of poverty and where the largest groups of poverty exist in the low-income countries. Gregory also wants to know if you believe that under today’s world, the Millennium Goal of poverty reduction is likely to be met by 2015?” T8.2 “Gerhart wants to know the essence of the William Lewis thesis in Chapter 1 of The Power of Productivity .” T8.3 “Gladice takes the position that the call by Sachs for a ‘Big Push’ in foreign aid of the order of $100 U.S. per low-income resident annually is very reasonable. It would amount to between $!00 billion and $150 billion new dollars in foreign aid which could be readily used to reduce poverty according to Sachs. Gladice also wants to know of the Lewis postion on this “Big Push”
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