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Decline stage - increase your profits through this final...

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Decline stage the market has become saturated, the technology has become obsolete, or the trend creating the demand has ended. To continue making enough sales to earn a profit, you need to use market research to determine: how much you need to lower prices, which distribution outlets you should use at this stage, and how your other products can benefit from brand marketing from your declining product. Market segmentation can provide extended life to your product by revealing the last remnants of customers needing the product and by discovering new uses for your product. So you can
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Unformatted text preview: increase your profits through this final stage of the marketing product life cycle. Newspapers are an example of a declining market. In it’s growth stage, newspapers were the major source of credible news and a great way of getting marketing messages to a large segment of the population. Today, newspaper subscriptions, readers, advertising, and other revenue are declining. Many newspapers have gone out of business. Many more are converting and/or promoting their news and advertising online....
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