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MATH 1131: ASSIGNMENT I 1. Read the attached article “suburbansprawl.pdf”. The second last paragraph contains data on percentage of overweight and obese individuals in different cities in Ontario. Create two bar graphs of this data - in the first, order the cities geographically (west to east) and in the second, order the cities based on percentage overweight (from lowest to highest). Which do you think is more effective? Is there any other ordering that you think might be interesting to look at? 2. How much oil a well in a given field will ultimately produce is key information in deciding whether to drill more wells. The estimated total amounts of oil recovered from 64 wells in the Devonian Richmond Dolomite area of the Michigan basin, in thousands of barrels, can be found in the attached file “oil.txt”. a. Create a histogram of this dataset, and comment on what you see. b. Find the mean and the median of the oil amounts. Explain how the relationship between the mean and the median reflects the shape of the distribution.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Give the five number summary and explain briefly how it reflects the shape of the distribution. d. Are there any outliers in the data? e. Construct a boxplot of the data. Again, explain briefly how it reflects the shape of the distribution. 3. You are given n=10 measurements: 4 2 2 4 2 2 3 3 3 2. a. Calculate the sample mean. b. Calculate the sample standard deviation. c. Explain heuristically what information is given by the above quantities (ie. sample mean and standard deviation). d. Why do statisticians report the standard deviation and not the variance? 4. A sample of n=50 lifetimes for Canadian men is provided in the file “lifetimes.txt”. a. Calculate an appropriate measure of centre for this data set - make sure to justify your choice fully! b. What proportion of the sample survived to age 80? c. Is there anything unusual you notice about this data?...
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