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Answers to Lab Exercise 1.3 1. Homeostasis - dynamic constancy of the internal environment; steady state; internal balance 2. Set Point- the body value that is “most normal.” Much like a thermostat in the house for normal temperature, blood glucose concentration, the tension on a tendon, and so on. 3. Do not answer 4. Do not answer 5. Negative Feedback - A homeostatic mechanism whereby a change in a physiological variable that is being monitored triggers a response that counteracts the initial fluctuation Positive Feedback -A mechanism in which a change in some variable triggers mechanisms that amplify the change. Example: During childbirth, the pressure of the baby’s head against the uterine opening, heightens the contraction of the uterus, which causes still greater pressure. Positive feedback brings childbirth to completion. 6. The up-and down variation in successive pulse rate measurements that alternately rise above and then below a set-point suggests that resting pulse rate is an
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Unformatted text preview: example of homeostasis that is under negative feedback control ( it is dynamic). 7. Blood Pressure drops sensor detects fall in blood pressure sympathetic nerve fibers will cause increase of heart rate increases cardiac output blood pressure increases Blood pressure rises sensor detects rise in blood pressure parasympathetic fibers will cause decrease of heart rate decreases cardiac output Blood pressure decreases 8. The normal range for a given measurement is obtained by taking measurements from a large sample of people who are believed to be normal for the measurement. There is always a range values obtained, and this range, and its averages, will vary with the group of people tested. This is why normal ranges for one population of people may be different from normal ranges for another population....
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