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BLOOD TYPING LAB I. Answers to Review Activities for Exercise 6.3 1. Antigens present or absent on the surface of RBC: Blood Type Antigens Present Antigens Absent a) A Negative A B, Rh b) O Positive Rh A, B c) AB Negative A, B Rh 2. AA or AO 3. A or O 4. Type O 5. Type AB 6. Rh Positive 7. Rh negative; Rh positive 8. Red blood cells may clump together, or agglutinate. This clumping will plug blood vessels and prevent normal blood flow to the tissues. 9. Hemolytic disease of the newborn or erythroblastosis fetalis occur only if the mother is Rh negative, with both the father and the baby Rh positive. At delivery, the mother’s blood may be exposed to the Rh antigen from the baby’s RBC and , over time develop antibodies against it. If a second developing child is also Rh positive, antibodies from the mother may cross the placenta and destroy the fetal red blood cells. The development of maternal antibodies against the Rh factor may be prevented by administration of Rh antibodies (RHOgam) usually once
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