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Gun Control 2 - goes against the second amendment gives...

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Winters 1 Justin Winters English 101, 41212 Argument December 4 th , 2009 Gun Control There are two opinions the public has about the citizens of the United States owning guns. The first opinion some have is that people should not have the right to possess guns due to the fact that it is a danger to society and that there are too many deaths towards the innocent. Other citizen’s opinions are that the only way one can truly protect them self from criminals are to possess guns of their own, keeping themselves from harms way. Both sides of this story have a good argument, but when gun control is further researched, there are many more details that come up explaining why siding against gun control is a better conclusion for the country and its people. Some may say Gun control should be enforced because it will make the public a safer place to be and decrease gun violence; however gun control is a bad idea due to the fact that it
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Unformatted text preview: goes against the second amendment, gives innocent civilians less protection and punishes everyone for acts that they all have not committed. Gun control can be viewed as the right future for society for the simple fact that civilian’s safety is so important. Public safety is an issue that every single person is concerned with. CITATION OF PUBLIC SAFETY NUMBERS LIKE MONEY SPENT AND MEASURES TAKEN!!! Guns are a form of protecting one’s self, although if nobody carried firearms, or even possessed them, then gun violence would be one less deathly problem everyone would need to worry about. Even if all guns are not taken away from U.S. citizens, assault rifles should most Winters 2 definitely be. CITATION ABOUT ASSAULT RIFLES AND DEATHS CAUSED DUE TO THEM!!! Paragraph 3 Conclusion...
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Gun Control 2 - goes against the second amendment gives...

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