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Unformatted text preview: ME112 – Energy Fall 2010 - UCSB - E. Matthys Homework Assignment #4 and Progress Report #3 (Team work) 1. a) Determine the typical average occupancy (in persons) in the Santa Barbara or California area (or if all else fails, in the USA overall) of 1) road vehicles such as cars, SUVs etc, 2) large public buses, and 3) large passenger airplanes. [Find and list solid references for your data.] b) Determine overall gas mileage figures for your choice of 3 of the following types of vehicle in “Miles per gallon of fuel” (specify vehicle and source of mpg info): - your own or your family’s main vehicle - a typical gasoline sedan car - a large pickup truck or SUV - a diesel sedan car - a hybrid sedan vehicle - a microcar - a motorcycle or scooter and also for each of: - a large public bus - a large commercial passenger airplane - one other interesting vehicle of your choosing (ship, train, fuel cell vehicle, CNG, LNG, LPG, etc) c) Use your occupancy figures to calculate the “Person x Miles per gallon” (PMPG) for both average and full occupancy cases for all the vehicles above; and also the total fuel cost to carry 1 person 12,000 miles in that vehicle, based on current appropriate fuel costs and the average occupancy factor and mpg for that vehicle. Summarize your results in a clear table showing the following columns: Specific vehicle / overall actual “ mpg” / avg occupancy / full occupancy / PMPG avg occup / PMPG full occup / Cost per gallon / Cost per person for 12K miles at avg occupancy. Show your full calculations separately in an appendix. Be sure to provide full (solid) references for your data. For a non-petroleum fuel vehicle, use the appropriate relevant units and cost. d) Calculate and estimate the cost of driving or riding 12,000 miles in both a fully electric plug-in vehicle and a bicycle. Be sure to specify and discuss the cost of the “fuel” used. What would those costs be equivalent to in terms of gasoline mpg on each of a cost or energy equivalence basis? e) Rank all your vehicles in terms of cost for 12K miles. Compare and discuss the relative merits of each transportation system analyzed in terms of both energy use and cost. Comment on any surprising results. Discuss whether and how occupancy level matters. Do not use questionable online sources of data, of course. 2. Update your Progress Report Chart as of 11/15/10 Both due 11/16/10 in class in hardcopy form. ...
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