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Hmwk_3_F10(2) - ME112 Energy Fall 2010 UCSB E Matthys...

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ME112 – Energy Fall 2010 - UCSB - E. Matthys Homework Assignment #3 and Progress Report #2 1. (Team work) a) Find the current retail cost of electricity, gasoline, and natural gas as close to Santa Barbara as possible. Find also the average retail cost of coal in the US and the average cost of retail gasoline in another (interesting) country of your choosing. Be sure to use good sources. Present the results in a well-organized table. Give all the costs you found in both the standard units for those fuels as well as converted to kWhr. Include also the references you used. b) Identify 5 *interesting* energy-using devices in your households ranging from small to big (including at least one electric and one natural gas one). For each one, determine the rated nominal power of the specific devices in Watts, your estimated use in hours over the year, the estimated energy usage over the year in kWhr, and the corresponding yearly cost in US$ based on
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