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ExtraNotes-Wk2-Chap1-p27-annotations - 27 Linear...

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Unformatted text preview: 27 Linear Superposition of Charge in Free Sp_ace ' The electric field E due to a collection of charge distributions Q = 2Q; is equal to the sum of the electric fields E5 due to the individual charge distributions Qi. (-fiflflk oF CouLoHB :7 g = 25‘- FbRce Lac-J!) NE. E is a vector field, thus sum 3 V6610?“ sum. - Mathematically: E is a linear function of charge distribution, i.e., E(aQ1 + sz ) = aE(Q1) + bE(Q2) => Linear superposition ! * “Saran. Fan COMPLEX SYSTEMS WAT“ CRN 36' BROKEN Douw mrro H0725 Smme Shays-(Ens. * Consider point charges... he, CAN aNDERsmrvo COMPLEX .S’YSTFHS one COMPONEN'I'I‘IT A THE. 304-351 B: Chapter 1 ...
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