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List 3 things from the last class that you think will be important in this course: Understand and use Maxwell's Equations to solve problems Mathematical description of electric and magnetic fields Relationship between space and time and mathematical functions Vectors, and vector calculus as a tool Better understanding of physics of electromagnetics Coulomb's Law Gauss's Laws Electric charge with different moving states and conservation of charge Integration and differentiation Use of electromagnetism for technological advancement Importance of doing assignments Right-hand rule Forming the fundamentals for the next course
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Unformatted text preview: Basics for design How to solve engineering problems with use of EMF Macroscopic level of electromagnetics analysis Definition of electromagnetics Interaction between EM fields and currents and charges Spatial visualization Engineering applications / practical applications of math Qualitative understanding EM force is 2nd strongest force in nature Calculation of fields Coordinate systems vector vs. scalar fields Flux in relation to electromagnetic fields Differential elements/volume integrals Static vs. quasi-static fields / waves ODEs / PDEs (3D and time dimension analysis of vector fields) Approaches to studying EM fields Measurement...
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  • Magnetic Field, Electric charge, electromagnetic fields Differential, scalar fields Flux, magnetic fields Relationship

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