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Week 3-p33 annotations

Week 3-p33 annotations - 33 WEBER The Maxwell integral law...

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Unformatted text preview: 33 WEBER - The Maxwell integral law: st+—d— dt is also known as Amge‘re’s circuital law [or flee sgace. - Ampére’s law relates B to J and E -—> What does it mean? 0 What is the relation between the surface S and the contour e ? (Note: S is an ogen surface.) poS/TIVE INTEGRn'r/ozv {En/:6 lava-l? 7 —> R. H. R. o What does I J -d S measure? 5 -> N57 CMRRM L’ Tfinoocms’. ~What does I (80E) -d S measure? S QNET FLux a? (fag) WM If CLB- «,6; =f, (nerds) oWhat does ¢Bodt measure? I 9 7745 Czlzcumwcw one, 7145 Lme INTE 612m.) 0F g AROUND Fig. 1.8: Typical closed line (bounding 77’5 CLOSED Pfim-I l. a surface S, relative to the fields in Ampére’s law. 304-3518: Chapter 1 * fl flu -' P/lo PoRflowéL 17')’ (DA/WT Regan/253 {bx P/‘Zopeiz wvnzr m Storms/1. C 47X /0 H/M) ...
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