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Wk2-Chap1-p23-annotations - gammy E(9 7 r EB-i-~..2 d...

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Unformatted text preview: gammy): E (9);. 7 r-* EB... ..-_-i._._._.: .,__--~:.« .2... - .. d constant En defined by. r: constant. g1'41an meal? use mam 5:4me Gusts * Is this am definition of symmetry? Ml; Wan ' trib tiontobe able to use Gauss’s law for electric fields to solve for E due to the charge distribution! (i.e., E is unknown!) I I I I l I I l l I I l I I _I : => Symmetry based on E is not very useful... I I I L} CM 86 Pause our or 77/6 IMEGRALfG'. E)- elf me some) ER Qua-cm! Life” A! Wrfifl Pam CE I" CAN 3’6 Foo/vb ow comm _E :5 MW 304-3518: Cha ter 1 _.|_ TB 6" . p ...
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