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The Assignment - The Analytical (Problem-Solving) Report...

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The Analytical (Problem-Solving) Report Overview: When you submit this assignment, submit one Word document with three parts: (1) A one-page letter or memo proposing to study a problem and write a full report on it. (In its rough draft stage, this short proposal will be posted on the Discussion Board and your editing group will critique it. When it is revised and accepted, it will become the first part of your finished assignment.) (2) The full follow-up report. (3) Your brief memo of reflection/self-evaluation commenting on the process and strategies you used to complete the assignment. Purpose: The words "problem-solving" and "analytical" are synonyms. Your analytical report should define a problem, analyze it, and then recommend a practical solution. Select a problem in your work place, school, or community. Be sure it is real; do not use a published case or create a fictitious situation. Because you will be working with a real problem, be sure to disguise the real names of people or organizations that might be embarrassed by your findings. Respect the confidentiality of your information. Reader: Your report must address one specific reader—your primary audience— who is in a position to implement your solution(s). Do not write your report to me. I will act as a secondary reader and assess how effective you are in persuading your primary or target reader to accept your ideas. Research: If you select a problem about which you already have first-hand knowledge (i.e., facts and evidence to support your position), then you will minimize the amount of research you have to do. Obviously, your report must support its claims with research—first-hand research such as interviews and questionnaires,
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The Assignment - The Analytical (Problem-Solving) Report...

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