M1426 Spr08 M1A sol

M1426 Spr08 M1A sol - Math 1426 Midterm 1A with solutions...

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Math 1426 Midterm 1A with solutions Spring 2008 Print your name legibly as it appears on the class rolls: Last ____________________________ First _________________________ ID Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Check the appropriate section: 001 – Dr. Shan 004 – Dr. Krueger 007 – Mr. Smith 010 – Mr. Martines 013 – Dr. Lin ****WRITE THIS ON YOUR SCANTRON **** Name: Last, first NOTE THE ORDER !! Subject: 1426 - __ (fill in your section number on your scantron ) Test No. A Turn cell phones off and put them out of sight. Turn off all beepers and alarms. Do not write below this line ________________________________________________________________________ Part I total (48 points) Your score 4 × ____ =_____ 13 (11 points) 14 (10 points) 15 (10 points) 16 (10 points) 17 (11 points) Part II total (52 points) Midterm 1 Total (100 points)
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Math 1426 Midterm 1 – Version A Spring 2008 Page 1 of 7 The square brackets following an exam question number refer to a section/problem number in the text. Problem numbers preceded by the symbol ~ are modeled on that problem from the text, but not identical to it. Problem numbers without the symbol are identical to or very close to the problem from the text. INSTRUCTIONS FOR PART I: Write your answers for these questions on a scantron (form 882-E or 882-ES) and mark only one answer per question. Scantrons will not be returned so mark your answers on your exam paper also; however, your grade will be determined solely by what you mark on your scantron. Each of the questions in this part counts 4 points, for a total possible score of 48 points. You
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M1426 Spr08 M1A sol - Math 1426 Midterm 1A with solutions...

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